TEN AND TWO (2020)


Ninety-Five at eight a.m. 
Broke another  glass  
Still getting used to moving this slow 
Turn around and I'm startled  
Turn around and she's gone 

Five p.m. yet not quite there 
Sun is going down 
Needless to say I'm late for the game 
Friends will call meeting downtown 
I'll decline then I'll show 

Finally home it's one a.m. 
Mind is racing wild 
Nothing makes sense now my head's in the clouds 
Broken thoughts leading nowhere 
Try to sleep, to calm down 

Now she's gone don't need a name 
Would do it all again 
Nothing to show but these scars on my heart 
Turn around but I'm troubled 
Turn around and you're gone 
Turn around then you're gone



Clean as a whistle / Sharp as a tack
Straight as an arrow but Blind as a bat

Light as a feather / Sly as a fox
Slow as molasses but Strong as an ox

As a song - As a song

Fresh as a daisy / Hard as a rock
Dumb as a fencepost - Now back to the top

Cute as a button / Smart as a whip
Fit as a fiddle but she's Cold as a fish

As a song - As a song

Dead as a door-nail / White as a ghost
Drunk as a Sailor and burnt up like toast

Flat as a pancake / Thin as a rail
Pay close attention as that boy starts to wail

As a song - As a song ...


Eternal Decisions - Like a tattoo
Could take down the best of us               

Is it just for the few?
Even better than smoking                     

If you must know the truth
Baby Judy's gonna need a friend             
And she's counting on you 

Just below the rooster                          
ou wake up fresh and new
Hunting down the wild border line              And crossing it too
Or trading in your best friend                Just will never will do
What somehow ended up as ten, started as two

Tumbleweed and Family
Rolling on Eternally
Family and Tumbleweed                   
Someone tend to Grandma's needs

Eternal Decisions - Like a tattoo
It isn't for the faint of heart                Nor the Golden Two
Even better than smoking                    What you're burning to do
There are better ways to pass the time When there's nothing to do



Somewhere over Ireland it all sunk in
I drank the Kool-Aid
It all came clear
It all sunk in
He's never been more tender
And she's become oh so dear
And they just both can't get over the summer

Somewhere over Ireland it all sunk in
I passed an angel her face was clear
It all sunk in
He's always somewhere sounding
And she's the one who can hear
And they just both can't/won't get over each other

But she don't wanna wait til Reno
Cause waitin' just brings her down
He can be more pollyanna
But they both know what they found

Somewhere over Ireland... 


Well the first time I saw her she was out in front of Gino's in Long Beach 
I knew right away that she was something special to me 
She was older than me yeah 
but she was so beautiful 
I got her number 
I got her number ... 
And she moved in

I guess that in the end it was grandma
that brought us together
And all those summer Sundays when we would take those long drives together
I got her number
I got her number ...
She did a number when she moved in

And 'We' became 'Us'
We became one
We became us
When she moved in



To Love And Christmas
May they never meet
Seasons bring good cheer
But not for me
But not for me

To Love And Christmas
Let them rest in peace
Hark the angel sings
Another parish priest
Another parish fleeced

Simple Farmers - wives as slaves 
Pray and fight their battles brave  
Make some noise for Mary Jane 
But still behave 
And still be saved

They can make some noise - or go insane  
But not for me
But not for me

To Love And Christmas
To Love And Christmas ...





When it’s really right 
You know it – instantly 
When it’s late at night and I hold you tight 
You can trust in me  

When it’s really strong  
You feel it – perfectly
And when the morning comes that you’re not alone  
You will clearly see 

There is an Art to Happiness 
Let us craft our ship with care 
And given time and a supple mind   
We’ll learn ways to teach each other  
And given time for our hearts to shine  
We’ll find ways to reach each other 

And so it’s true  
I was meant for you 
(and you were meant for me)  
There is an Art to Happiness 
And this was meant to be   
There is an Art to Happiness

And you’re my masterpiece
There is an Art to Happiness ...