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Adam Lieb: Links

Adam Lieb on Facebook
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48 Windows
48 Windows Studio, Santa Monica, CA Eric Garcia and Ziv Fisher. Eric mixed 2007's "Amnesia" and produced and engineered the subsequent cd "When in Rome"
LA Studios/Margarita Mix
The multi-talented Jeff Levy tracks, mixes and does sound design at the lovely Margarita Mix de Santa Monica.
Alley One Music
The website for Michael Lindner and his Alley One Studio, in Healdsburg, California.
Mark Goldenberg
An incredible guitarist and songwriter. There is nothing that Mark cannot do with six strings and a small tube combo. Member of dozens of world-class touring bands [and] The Opportunist.
Seth Davis
The NY songwriting genius, friend to small animals and babies, and a good friend to me. Also can make an incredible kale salad.
Vince Chafin
A gifted and multi-faceted musician, spiritual healer and just a great guy to be around. Vince plays bass, guitar, drums, Native American flute, and ... Hang!
Oliver Jacobson
A wonderful musician and violinist, who also does general good in the world through his practice of music therapy. But isn't all music, therapy?
Steve Fredericks
Steve Fredericks is my songwriting partner from "As-Is" as well as a very close friend ~ easily one of the best singers I have ever known!
Guido Mannello
The myspace page for Guido Mannello, the dazzlingly good pianist/keyboardist I have the honor to work with ... "When In Rome"
Le Sorrelle Rondinella
The website for Francesca and Amelia Rondinella. Two sisters from Napoli who sing (amazingly) old-school Neopolitan songs. Check them out!
Dry Creek Guitars
Dry Creek Guitars are built by our favorite local luthier, John O'Hanesian. Beautiful sounding instruments with attention to every detail. John also keeps our older guitars up and running- Don't leave for a gig without him!
"The Krush" wine country radio
A great radio staion with 'good eclectic music', 'Thursday Night Live' and besides, they are playing Adam Lieb on there! Call 707.588.9999 to request a song from 'Amnesia', 'Haydon Voyage' or 'When In Rome'
CD Baby
A great place to hear, buy, and support independent artists and musicians.

Links to itunes

itunes link for "when in rome"
itunes link for "Amnesia"
itunes link for "Haydon Voyage"
itunes link for "As-Is"